Country Wedding Inspiration

country inspiration

Blue Ribbon Restrooms has had a surge of country wedding clients in the past few years and it isn’t surprising given all the farms in the Mid Atlantic area. Finding inspiration for the country wedding isn’t difficult either! Here are a few pictures taken from Pinterest that we just adore. If you want more ideas click here to view our Country Wedding Pinterest board and get inspired! If the country theme isn’t your thing, we have plenty of other boards for you to find exactly what you are looking for. When you are planning your dream wedding day don’t forget to reserve your bathroom trailer in advance. Porta potties work well for outdoor events but nothing will impress your guests as much as a luxury bathroom trailer from Blue Ribbon Restrooms. I promise for your once in a lifetime event you won’t regret the extra expense.

Restroom Trailers Vs. Porta Potties

restroom trailer v porta potty

Which One Is Best For My Event?

The answer is… it depends. When you are planning your event and researching your options for rental bathrooms, you will find you have several choices and certain factors will help determine the best route for you to take. See below to find out specific factors you need to keep in mind.


When considering the aesthetics of both bathroom options, restroom trailers are definitely the better-looking option. This is why they are preferred for weddings, black tie events, and other fancy occasions. If you need something that will make guests feel like they’re at a nice hotel or restaurant, luxury restroom trailers are definitely the way to go!


Standard portable toilets usually come equipped with hand sanitizer pumps inside, and some portable toilet suppliers may also offer handwashing station rentals to keep your event sanitary. When you are having an upscale event those options don’t compare to an actual dedicated sink with running hot and cold water inside a restroom trailer. This is another reason why people often prefer bathroom trailers for their events.

A luxury portable restroom also offers the added functionality of flushing toilets. While some portable toilet units offer this, a bathroom trailer will handle a much higher volume. This allows for them to be used for longer periods of time by more attendees before needing serviced.

An important thing to keep in mind is whether your event will be in the evening or after dark. Portable toilet units don’t have a light source inside them. I’m sure you can imagine what it would be like for your guests trying to navigate a porta potty in the dark!

Lastly, restroom trailers have climate control with both heat and AC making it much more comfortable for you and your guests.


Luxury restroom trailers are more spacious, providing a place for guests to change and get ready for the event. This feature is great for weddings, where the wedding party needs to be able to get dressed for the big day and community events like marathons where participants may need to get changed and clean up afterward.

Whether you decide to go with a bathroom trailer or porta potties Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers is ready to service your event. We are a woman-owned company and we take pride in providing the best in customer service and the finest restroom trailers.

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If luxury restrooms aren’t the right fit for your event, we recommend Don’s Johns for portable restroom rentals.

Venue Spotlight – Weddings at Magnolia


Weddings at Magnolia may be one of the best kept secrets for your Annapolis wedding venue. Touted as “Your Affordable Annapolis Wedding Venue” on their website, you may think you won’t get the service or ambiance you are looking for but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Just reading through the reviews found online you will find many extremely happy newlyweds revealing how wonderful their experiences have been at Magnolia. Blue Ribbon has provided luxury restroom trailers for clients having their wedding at Magnolia’s. We too have found the service and attention to detail provided by the staff at Magnolia’s boundless.

From personable staff willing to go above and beyond, to the in-house officiants, to the bridal gift shop; you will be more than impressed with the comprehensive services provided at Magnolia. If you are shopping for an inclusive wedding venue with professional staff at a great value, we recommend visiting Wedding’s at Magnolia at 600 Broadneck Rd., Annapolis, MD.

It’s the Little Things!


After you have made the choice to upgrade your special event with a restroom trailer you may want to consider adding a little extra to your presentation. Clients can choose to add fresh cut flowers or flower arrangements inside the trailers. Another idea is to provide hand rolled towels, lotions, mints and tissues in the bathroom trailer for your guests. For the women’s restroom, providing feminine hygiene products is always a great idea and often very much appreciated!

All of Blue Ribbon’s Restroom trailers come with a music sound system to add to the ambiance. We provide soft jazz background music. However, clients are free to provide us with their own music CD to be played in the bathroom trailer during their event.

Another option to add to the visual appeal of the trailer is adding topiaries to the front (as seen in the photo above). To impress your guests, providing the little “extras” goes a long way.

If you love these ideas but don’t want the extra work of putting them all together, Blue Ribbon Restroom’s offers a VIP package upgrade which includes all the above mentioned “extras”.

Fun entertainment ideas for outdoor weddings!

PicMonkey Collage

There is more to entertaining your guests at outdoor weddings than just dancing these days. Outdoor weddings and receptions are very popular for obvious reasons but keeping your guests engaged and having fun can be a challenge if you don’t think ahead. We loved the three ideas in these pictures!

  • Making a Jenga game with 2×4’s is easy and inexpensive and will keep your guests entertained at any age.
  • Corn Hole can be made classy with a wedding theme paint job and they are sure to be used for years to come. Couples can even make a Corn Hole tournament a yearly tradition on their anniversary!
  • An unfinished Adirondack chair makes a great template for an alternative guest book. Guests will have fun writing messages and you will have a useful keepsake full of well wishes.

If you have any fun ideas for outdoor weddings please share them in the comments below.

A Blue Ribbon Wedding!

Blue Ribbon Wedding Clients

Check out these adorable newlyweds celebrating their BIG day at the Caboose Farm located in Sabillsville, Maryland. They were kind enough to send us a picture of themselves having fun in front of Blue Ribbon’s Restroom’s Bridal trailer. We wish them the very best in their future endeavors and look forward to working with them again. We sincerely appreciate their kind review of Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and will need a restroom trailer it is best to reserve your date a few months in advance. Our Bridal trailers book fast so call for your quote today 888-498-6982 or click “Get a Quote Today” and we will email you an estimate.

Rustic Weddings Ideas

Rustic weddings have become very popular over the past few years. At Blue Ribbon, we have provided restroom trailers for many weddings with the rustic theme and I must say how impressive these weddings can be. Rustic doesn’t always mean cheap and homemade although much of the décor and favors can be made this way. From rustic winery weddings to barn weddings anyone can create an elegant atmosphere that will impress every guest no matter what the budget is.

Rustic weddings aren’t always outdoors but when they are, one thing to keep in mind is the ground. It’s not easy to wear high heels in the dirt or grass so you may want to inform your guests ahead of time. I mention this because we have seen this become an issue at many outdoor weddings! You can also find Blue Ribbon Restrooms on Pinterest to find more great ideas!