10 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Outdoor Summer Wedding


  1. mistakesNot providing enough shade for your guests. Whether using umbrellas or tents, providing enough reprieve from the sun can make the difference between guests enjoying themselves or leaving the wedding celebration early.

  2. Choosing the wrong fabrics for the wedding party attire can be a big mistake. Thick and heavy materials will guarantee sweaty faces for your wedding photos.

  3. In the hot summer months it’s best to forgo the portable toilet option and invest in renting a restroom trailer which is equipped with air conditioning and other amenities. The restroom trailer also provides for a cool place for the wedding party to prepare for or refresh after the ceremony.

  4. When sending out wedding invitations make sure to include a note reminding guests that the event will be held outdoors and that heels may not be the best choice if the ground will be soft.

  5. Not providing chair covers for outdoor seating makes for a very hot and uncomfortable sitting experience on sunny days.

  6. Not having a backup plan in case of inclement weather can leave the bride and groom standing at the alter by themselves. Always have a backup plan no matter what type of outdoor event you are planning, especially one as important as a wedding.

  7. Not providing sunscreen and bug spray for your guests can also lead to them leaving the celebration early. You can even order single use sunscreen bottles with a custom label to honor the occasion.

  8. Ordering the wrong kind of wedding cake. Make sure to let your cake provider know that your wedding is going to be outdoors so they can use the right frosting. Fondant is the best type of icing to use, as it won’t melt like other types of frosting.

  9. We all know that alcohol is usually a big part of any wedding. Not providing enough non-alcoholic hydration options can put a cramp in the party and the guest’s side. Providing watermelon, lemonade and plenty of water bottles placed in multiple areas will help keep everyone cool and hydrated.

  10. Planning an afternoon ceremony when the sun is high and strongest is not optimal. Instead push the ceremony time until after 4pm is recommended. This will not only help with the heat it will also make for much better lighting for your wedding photos.

Are Restroom & Shower Trailers Part of Your Emergency Management Plan?

emergency managementAn emergency management plan should be developed to mitigate the damage of potential events that compromise the functionality of society. Such a plan should include measures that provide for the safety of the public and first responders and when possible, property and facilities.

From Hurricanes to riots, and numerous natural and man-made disasters in between, Blue Ribbon Restrooms have witnessed first-hand the benefits of portable restroom trailers and shower trailers at disaster sites. Proper planning for emergency management and first responders will make a drastic difference in the effectiveness of any disaster relief situation. Whether you are with a government agency, relief organization or a private company, we are ready to help you include restroom trailers in your emergency plan. Restroom trailers and shower trailers are an important part of relief efforts, here are just a few of the benefits they provide:

• Deliver a sanitary solution when water and sewer infrastructures are unavailable.
• Contribute positively to the health and well-being of disaster victims and relief crews.
• Help to provide critical care under hazardous conditions.
• With an ADA restroom trailer you can accommodate individuals with disabilities and special needs so no one is excluded from basic care.
• Offer shower facilities for those in need.

A well prepared emergency management plan will give peace of mind to the first responders so they may focus at the task at hand when disaster strikes. For more information on developing an emergency management plan or updating your existing one visit www.ready.gov.

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