Top Ways to Recycle Wedding Items


The question arises about what to do with all the items you have when your big day is over.  Much like our wedding clients, Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers is very conscious of our environment and the value of recycling.  For those that dislike waste, there are many creative was you can recycle your wedding items. 

1)      RECYCLE WEDDING DRESS After the big day, you may find yourself placing your wedding dress in the closet never to be seen again. While saving it for your daughter to wear at her wedding day is the obvious option, there are many others.  Some of Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailer’s favorite ideas include:

  • donating it to charity
  • creating a pretty pillow
  • creating a new chic dress for a more casual event
  • christening gown
  • baby’s basinet.

wedding dress recycled to baby christening gown

                   recycle wedding dress                                  

2)       FLORAL One of the best ways to recycle the flowers from your event is to allow your guests to take arrangements home as a gesture of appreciation.


3)      FOOD Talk with your caterer or venue ahead of time and consider making arrangements to have any leftovers boxed up and given to a local food shelter. It is a great way to make sure there is no wasted food and at the same time help those in need.

We look forward to working with our Brides in 2017 and sharing the same passion for being environmentally friendly.   Recycling can be part of your everyday lives and even on your most special wedding day. It’s easy and takes only a tad of planning ahead with your planner and/or caterer. And what a difference you can make. If you have additional creative ways to recycle your wedding items please share them with us. Make sure to contact us for your wedding restroom trailer needs. Put your event in 1st place with Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers!!!