6 Key Wedding Planner Questions to Ask BEFORE You Say “I Do!”

So you’ve got the ring and the date. All you need now is a plan. At first, you blissfully thumb through wedding magazines and furiously pin webpages. Then suddenly, it hits you like an avalanche—the sheer volume of decisions that need to be wedding planner questionsmade.

Before you panic, make one decision that will immediately condense your to-do list: hire a wedding planner. Of course, you’ll want to hire the right person for the job. To help with this, we’ve compiled a list of wedding planner questions which will give you a good place to start.

Wedding Planner Primer

Before we get to the questions, let’s consider why you might decide to hire someone to fill this role. Yes, a wedding planner is an added expense. But a good one can save you money, time, and most importantly, stress along the way.

And you don’t have to double your wedding budget to find the support you need. Depending on how much you have to spend there are different options.

You could contract:

  • A full service wedding planner to arrange every detail.
  • Someone to assist in choosing your wedding location and vendors only.
  • A day-of (which really means 30 days) wedding coordinator.

Whatever type of contract you choose, you’ll need to ask the right wedding planner questions to make sure your expectations are clear and everyone is on the same page ahead of time.

Wedding Planner Questions:

1. Are you available on my wedding date?

This is the first and most important question to ask. If you are looking to hire someone to oversee your event on the big day, you don’t want to waste time working with someone who can’t be there. On the other hand, if your date is still flexible and you know you want to work with a planner who is in high demand, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a few available date options.

2. What services do you offer?

It’s not always obvious from a planner’s website what kind of services he offers. Will he help you come up with a vision or is his speciality executing your vision? Does he offer full service event planning, day of coordination, or a la carte services?

3. How many weddings will you be working on at the same time?

On the day of your wedding, it will be important to know that you are receiving your wedding coordinator’s full attention, so make sure she won’t be juggling several events on your big day. But keep in mind that it is entirely realistic for your planner to be working on other weddings and events during the whole process.

Whether she can successfully plan several events including yours depends on the size of her team and whether the other weddings are local or far away. So, don’t be shy about asking for these details.

4. Do you handle professional service contracts and payment processing?

When it comes to contracts and payments, it’s crucial to figure out how your planner prefers to work: some prefer a lump sum from which they will hire professionals to take care of the details, others will ask you to cut the check for the pros yourself. Some planners have vendors they prefer to partner with, others will shop around to find the right pros within your budget.

The beauty of working with a great wedding planner is that she can help you remember details that may not immediately occur to you. At Blue Ribbon, we partner with several wedding planners to offer their clients premium restroom services at affordable prices. We are happy to work with your wedding planner to streamline your process.

5. Do you deal with rentals?

Again, day-of details need to be clearly spelled out ahead of time. The last thing you need on the morning of your wedding is a call from your photographer, florist, musicians, or caterer asking for someone to come and unlock your venue so they can set up.

We know how crazy it can be to coordinate various venders and rental teams on the day of your big event. That’s why our Blue Ribbon pros call or email our clients the week-of to schedule a two-hour window for placement of their luxury bathroom trailers.

Normally, we arrange an install on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday for a Saturday wedding. For a small fee, we will visit your venue ahead of time, walk the space with you and your wedding planner to figure out the best placement of your trailers to make installation easy.

6. What is the biggest mishap you’ve experienced and how did you deal with it?

We’ve saved the best of the wedding planner questions for last. You will want to figure out how your potential wedding planner deals with pressure. Having him explain a wedding mishap and what he did to remedy the situation will tell you a lot. Also, ask him what organization plans he has in place to avoid problems in the first place. The best planners do everything within their power to make sure things go smoothly and have a solid Plan B for when something goes wrong despite their best efforts.

When you get down to it, choosing the right professional to plan and coordinate the best day of your life is all about asking the right wedding planner questions ahead of time. Your wedding planner’s most important job is to make sure that no detail goes unnoticed. At Blue Ribbon, details are our speciality. Have your wedding planner contact us to get a quote!