The Best Facts About Restroom Trailers

You may be here looking for a bit of information for an upcoming event—possibly searching for portable restroom  or portable toilet rentals “near me.” But you get to us and think “what exactly is a restroom trailer?” What sorts of advantages do they offer? As a leading provider of luxury restroom trailers and shower trailers, Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers is always glad to help.

What Are Restroom Trailers?

An outdoor wedding, a camping wedding, a festival far from your standard amenities—there is most certainly charm to these venue, but they come with some challenges, too. One of the biggest is where you, or your guests, will go when you need a restroom. The answer of the past was a standard portable restroom—those dark, dank blue closets that everyone is afraid to spend more than five seconds in.

Restroom trailers are the upgraded solution. Restroom trailers aim to be everything you would expect from a fancy restroom in an equally luxurious home. They feature closed, brightly lit rooms; clean running water; marble sinks; and temperature-controlled units. Restroom trailers offer everything you want when you need to go during an outdoor event.

When Were Restroom Trailers Invented?  

If restroom trailers are indeed superior to portable toilets, why aren’t they seen more often? Well, predominantly because they haven’t been around for long. The portable restroom industry only started applying technology to create restroom trailers in the 90s. Portable toilets have been so ubiquitous that restroom trailers are only now becoming widespread!

How Restroom Trailers Compare to Portable Restrooms

restroom trailers Fairfax, VA for rentThey don’t, really. Portable toilets are rarely anything more than a box with enough room to stand. Restroom trailers, on the other hand, are fully dedicated rooms that are equipped to meet all of your needs just as a household half-bath would.

A restroom trailer offers:

  • Separate men’s and women’s facilities
  • Flushable toilets
  • A temperature-controlled space
  • Marble sinks with running water
  • Automatic shut-off faucets
  • Skylight for natural light and full indoor lighting
  • Odor control technology
  • Radio and CD player

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Restroom Trailer?

Aside from just having a better place to do your business, restroom trailers actually serve to provide a bunch of additional benefits. Restroom trailers can benefit you by providing:

  • Better sanitation
  • Fewer interruptions to your event
  • Shorter lines to use the restroom
  • A healthier, cleaner restroom environment

Luxury Restroom Trailers with Blue Ribbon in MD, VA & DC

Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers has been proud to offer top-quality restroom trailers for events, weddings, and festivals for years. We provide complete restroom trailer delivery and care to Maryland, Virginia, and the DC area, so if you’re looking to find out more about what our trailers have to offer, connect with our team. 

If you’re searching around for luxury mobile restrooms or “nicer” porta potties, then what you’re really looking for are restroom trailers! Contact Blue Ribbon today to reserve yours, or check our list of options to customize your rental according to your preferences and needs.

Important Wedding Day Items

Undertaking the planning of a wedding can be an absolutely monumental task and one that demands a well-developed ability to pay attention to the details. But even the most carefully planned events tend to leave one or two of the vitals off of the list—if they ever even make it to the list at all. Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers has been a part of hundreds of weddings in the DC, MD, and VA areas, and here are the top important wedding day items we see many miss.

Clear Directions for Guests

important wedding day items

Nothing will exclude guests from having a good time more than not even being able to get to your venue in the first place. We highly recommend providing detailed directions for guests and ideally ones that offer clear landmarks and alternative routes—the latter for those that may get lost. To save on unnecessary costs, we recommend that you provide directions for guests that have confirmed attendance.

Be sure to include clear directions to the exact ceremony location as well! If you are having an outdoor wedding or a camping wedding in particular, make sure clear signs are laid out for the grand entrance, reception area, restrooms, bar, and dancing floor. It wouldn’t do to have the event put on hold to organize a search party.

A Diverse Menu

important wedding day items, foodThe quality of your catering can make or break the event and so can the diversity of the menu. It doesn’t matter as much that the pork is excellent if you have many guests that can’t stand the stuff. Be sure to add as much diversity as possible to your menu so that all guests are taken care of equally. Take particular care to ensure none of your guests have a food allergy or intolerance. If they do, plan to accommodate this properly.

Appropriate Emergency Kits

Accidents happen, even at a wedding. You don’t want an injury to spell the end of your event, so be certain to include care kits that will include all that may be needed to treat an unexpected issue. Painkillers, allergy medications, bandages, and insect bite ointments are of particular value and importance.

Adequate Amenities

Even the most luxurious and stunning weddings can be brought down a peg or two when guests feel the call of nature only to be met with a meager number of standard portable toilets. To make your outdoor luxury wedding complete, consider the advantages of renting mobile restroom trailers to add a little more pizazz and class to the experience.

Disabled Access

Speaking of amenities, take care to remember those of your guests that may have difficulty traversing the more challenging parts of your venue’s terrain. Be sure to include ramps and accessible seating and, if applicable, it may be wise to enlist a sign-language capable professional if many of your guests are hearing impaired.

An Alternative Plan for Bad Weather

important wedding day items, backup plan for bad weather

In the MD, VA, and DC areas, our weather can span from far too hot to exceptionally chilly—and we’re no strangers to storms. Take care to check the annual weather averages near your venue—if there’s any risk of rain or foul weather, have a backup plan ready.

Take Care of Your Wedding Day Guests with Blue Ribbon

Blue Ribbon offers gorgeous, sanitary, and luxurious portable restrooms. Whether you’re just getting started with your Maryland or Virginia wedding plans or you’re finalizing the details, reach out to us to find out more about our portable restroom trailers.

Contact us online now to reserve your restroom trailer, or call 888-498-6982 to discuss your needs with our team today!

Maryland Outdoor Wedding Venues

A wedding can be one of the most exciting events in our lives. For many, the experience is transformative, the marking point for where your family really begins. However, the event demands a convergence of many factors in order to be stress-free and successful—one of the largest of these being picking the right venue.

Looking for the perfect outdoor venue to plan out the big day? Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers has been a part of many weddings in Maryland, and we have a list that can help you get started.

Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion—Chevy Chase, MD

If you’re dreaming of a traditional outdoor wedding, Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion is your prime pick. Choose to place the main event in the Great Hall, featuring gorgeous Georgian architecture, or plan for your wedding to take place in the surrounding groves of trees for a genuine and romantic wedding experience. Accommodations are sized for the more exclusive sorts of events, capping at 90.

Evergreen Museum and Library—Baltimore, MD

The symmetrically styled Italian gardens of Evergreen Museum and Library offer an elegant but natural outdoor venue that surrounds a stunning Gilded Age mansion. Outdoor events at Evergreen offer two excellent outdoor spaces—the Upper Garden or Meadow—or the event can be planned to incorporate both for an excellent level of customization among the fantastic grounds. Evergreen is your pick if you’re looking for a gorgeous and charming backdrop for your outdoor wedding.

Foxfire—Monkton, Maryland

Paddocks and pastures lead the way to one of the more luxurious farmhouse settings a wedding planner could ever dream of. Foxfire offers the very finest horse country has to offer, creating a wedding locale that brims with comfort but is wrapped in as much luxury and exclusive accommodations one could ever ask for.

Events can be planned for wedding rosters as small as 50 or as large as 400, according to your needs. Be warned, however, that Foxfire is very exclusive, featuring only a small handful of events a year. It’s a special place and one you will need to plan far ahead for!

Make Wedding Logistics Easier with Blue Ribbon in Maryland

Planning and logistics for a wedding can be one of the most important aspects of the event, often making or breaking overall success. If you’re looking for a comfortable, luxurious means of providing restrooms for your outdoor wedding venue in Maryland, then Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers is glad to accommodate.

Our luxury restroom trailers are equipped with running water, interior and exterior lighting, marble sinks, a lighted mirror, and complete temperature control systems in order to provide an ideal means of handling the sanitation needs of your guests.

To find out more, feel free to connect with us online, or call ​888-498-6982 to reserve your restroom trailer rental now!

When Nature Calls: Planning a Camping Wedding That’s a Wild Success

One of the biggest perks that comes with being part of our clients’ wedding festivities is seeing the creative ways couples bend the traditional wedding rules. Did you catch our recent top 10 list of unexpected wedding venues? We’re continuing this theme here with tips for planning a camping wedding.

Why have a traditional wedding ceremony and reception when you can turn your entire wedding weekend into an epic celebration? Many couples who love to throw a great party find that planning a camping wedding is a reasonably affordable option for their guests, while also being relatively easy on their own bank accounts.

But if you’re tempted to jump on this trend, be warned: you’ve got some serious planning to do to make it truly unforgettable. So, before you spear those marshmallows, let’s discuss how to pull off a fabulous camping wedding.

1. Choose a long holiday weekend.

Among the things that could spell disaster for your epic weekend-long party is planning a camping wedding for a weekend when most of your guests can’t make it. Naturally, choosing a long holiday weekend, along with giving your family and friends plenty of notice, increases the odds of most guests showing up. Get those save the date cards out early!

Scheduling your wedding for a long holiday weekend also provides an excellent opportunity for getting the gang together again for years to come. Talk about creating your own wedding tradition! Even if you don’t want to have your actual ceremony outside, you could reserve part of a campground for afterward to provide an area for socializing and camping after the wedding!

Do keep in mind, though, a weekend is a big commitment and you will probably also have some on your guest list who aren’t too keen on camping out. So, make accommodations for those who want to drive in just for the ceremony and afterparty, or find a hotel or other traditional lodging option nearby for those who’d like traditional accommodations.

2. Choose attire appropriate for the outdoors.

camping wedding dress, outdoor wedding shoes

Having an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean you have to choose a certain kind of “camping wedding dress”—pick whatever style you’ve always dreamed of! What’s more important is that you have shoes and accessories appropriate for spending an extended amount of time outdoors. Make sure you, your bridal party, and your guests are all dressed for the weather—whether that means having sweaters and blankets on hand for chilly temperatures or just opting for sneakers instead of fancy heels or sandals.

If it looks like it’ll be cold on the day of your ceremony and you can afford to do so, it’s wise to rent propane heaters and space them out so you and your guests stay cozy.

3. Make memories with food.

When planning a camping wedding, you have the opportunity to use food to make memories. In addition to whatever you’re planning for the day of the ceremony, you will potentially have another day or two of creative menu options. This doesn’t mean your guests will expect you to provide food for everyone for the entire weekend, but it’s a good reminder to make your intentions around meals known.

In general, it’s smart to keep camping wedding food casual and simple since you’ll likely be without all the bells and whistles that a catering kitchen might offer at a traditional venue. Plus, choosing simple items will keep your costs down and let you focus on other parts of the weekend.

One way to involve your guests in a special way is to ask them to contribute family recipes. You could do a dessert table, for example, with a collection of desserts that played an important role in each of your childhoods. Don’t forget the s’mores!

4. Don’t try to upstage nature.

how to have a campground wedding camping wedding decorations

One huge perk of having your wedding outdoors at a campground, state park, or even in a large backyard is that nature provides an epic backdrop that’s tough to beat. Go ahead and plan that sunset ceremony with mountains in the background overlooking a breathtaking valley, then dance the night away to the beat of crickets, surrounded by fireflies, under a canopy of stars.

Rather than carting in a ton of decorations, incorporate natural elements wherever you can. Some lanterns, twinkle lights, and simple rustic components to complement what is already there will go a long way. Remember: less is more.

Of course, there’s one area where upstaging nature is an absolute requirement and that’s when it comes to showering regularly. No matter how much your guests are into communing with nature, they’ll probably be happier to attend your camping wedding knowing they’ll be able to take a hot shower after they dance the night away under the stars. Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers has you covered with our shower trailer rentals.

5. Get to know your camping wedding venue.

The idea of having your wedding outdoors might sound less stressful than booking a traditional venue, but there are many things to consider with an outdoor, off-the-grid location. Wondering how to have a campground wedding that you and your guests will love? Know your venue!

Just a few things to consider:

  • Is there power available at your ceremony and reception location, or will you need to bring in generators for lights and charging stations?
  • Are the restroom facilities sufficient for the number of guests you have? If not, you might consider renting a restroom trailer for a better experience.
  • Are your guests staying all weekend? If so, they’ll likely want to shower at some point. You can rent portable shower trailers for your wedding, too!
  • Is there a fire ban in place? Make sure you check on this before building a fire for s’mores!
  • What is the alcohol policy at your wedding location? Do you need to get a permit to provide alcohol to your guests?

6. Don’t forget about music.

camping wedding music

If you’re having a camping wedding, live music is a great choice. Your guests can dance the night away to bluegrass, folk, or whatever music you prefer. Remember to check on local sound ordinances and the noise policy at the campground or outdoor location you’re considering. And, again, make sure you know the electrical situation ahead of time so you have adequate power for microphones, amplifiers or speakers, and whatever instruments your band will be playing (or for your DJ’s equipment!).

7. Show your appreciation with a customized welcome kit.

Say “thank you” to your guests for making the trek to your chosen destination by providing them with a bag of goodies that will make their stay more enjoyable. What you opt to include should depend on how long they are staying and what type of amenities are available for their use. Ideas include:

  • A detailed map of the campsite
  • A list of local attractions complete with directions
  • Bug spray
  • Bottled water
  • Campfire treats such as a mini s’mores kit
  • Local goodies
  • Daily itineraries

In addition to your welcome bags, ensure your guests have all the creature comforts of home by stocking up on extra toothbrushes and travel-sizes items such as soap and shampoo. Be sure to have a first aid kit on hand complete with allergy medication, pain relievers, and ice packs; in the event of a minor injury or allergic reaction to an insect bite or foliage, your guests will appreciate not having to endure a lengthy car ride to find relief!

8. Have plans for happily ever after (the wedding).

camping wedding tips

After you say “I do,” you can keep your guests entertained by offering up a variety of games and activities for the duration of their stay. The goal isn’t to fill each minute of every day but rather to strike a comfortable balance between recreation and relaxation to enhance the experience and help make long-lasting memories. The types of activities you choose should be based on the number of guests, location, and range of age groups that will be in attendance and may include a variety of options such as:


Scout out the campsite in advance to determine if they have a recreational area with amenities such as a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, baseball diamonds, and more, and bring the necessary equipment with you to the venue. 

Arts and Crafts

Keep children entertained with age-appropriate craft materials to unleash their creativity and alleviate boredom during periods of downtime or inclement weather. 


Rent an inflatable screen to show movies during the evening if the campground policies allow, provided there is an adequate power supply to operate the equipment. 

Board Games

Engage the competitive spirit of your guests with an assortment of board games and cards they can use to play around the campfire, picnic table, or inside a tent or cabin. 

9. Embrace the inevitable hiccups.

Finally, when you’re planning a camping wedding and on your wedding day, make sure you know how to roll with the punches. It helps to anticipate and accept that there are variables that will be out of your control. Trust that your epic wedding experience will not be ruined by the inevitable hiccup.

Yes, the weekend could be a total washout. It’s smart to rent a tent in advance just in case—it can also provide shade on a sunny afternoon! And yes, there could be a fire ban in the campground because of an unprecedented drought—so much for your s’more roasting dreams. Rather than setting your sights on perfection, focus on the love that surrounds you. If you are determined to make your wedding a smashing success despite any potential mishaps, it will be!

10. Savor the little moments.

how to have a campground wedding, camping wedding food, camping wedding dress

After you’ve planned your big event, don’t forget to savor the little moments. You want this event to be unforgettable for your guests, but you also want it to be memorable for you. If you steal quiet moments to be present, you’re more likely to remember the sights, sounds, smells, and little moments, like the first time you lock eyes with your husband- or wife-to-be during the ceremony. Otherwise, the day and weekend will get away from you.

Being out in nature definitely heightens the senses. So, take it all in and you’ll have vivid mental details for years to come. Priceless!

Here’s a fun suggestion: tie a string around your finger so that whenever you look down, you’re reminded to take a breath and be present in the moment.

Planning a Camping Wedding? Let Blue Ribbon Help!

There’s just something about being in the great outdoors, enjoying a relaxed, family vibe, and extending the biggest day of your life to a long weekend that makes for an epic wedding experience. If you are up for the challenge, planning a camping wedding could be the perfect way to start your married lives together.

When nature calls, Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers is ready. We are honored to help our clients pull off unforgettable outdoor weddings and events. Is nature calling you? Contact us today for a free quote on luxury restroom trailer or shower trailer rentals.

Looking for an Unexpected Event Venue in Washington DC? Check Out Our Top 10 Unique Wedding Venues!

Non-Traditional Wedding Venues in the DC Area

Anyone can get married in a typical hotel ballroom, but if you want to make your day unforgettable, choose a truly unique wedding venue. From the unexpected to the almost unbelievable, these settings set the pace for an amazing celebration. Bonus: you’ll save on decor because these unique wedding venues make their own statement!

We researched favorite unusual wedding venues in Northern Virginia and discovered some real gems. For those whose tastes tend toward the non-traditional, get ready for some inspiration. Read on for our top 10 unique wedding venues in the area.

#10. Hendry House

This is one of DC’s hidden gems of a venue. The sweet craftsman home is tucked away in Northern Arlington park and has beautiful grounds that can accommodate anywhere from an intimate reception for 40 in the house to 200 with a tent used under the lush tree canopy. In addition to beautiful trees, the 19-acre park has an open meadow, and a partially preserved 1863 Civil War fort. Imagine taking your wedding photos among such historic scenery!

Tip: If you are having a large wedding at a venue like this, inquire about restroom facilities. The venue organizers often have a sense of their accommodations and what will keep your guests happiest. And feel free to consult with our friendly staff at Blue Ribbon, too.

#9. The Mead Center for American Theater (Arena Stage)

If you and your love are into theatrics or you’re just looking for a venue where you can create a dramatic event, what could be better than staging your wedding in a theater? The Mead Center for American Theater offers several options for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception spaces. For example, the striking, yet intimate, Kogod Cradle is ideal for saying “I do” with a view of the water and of the Molly Smith Study or Grand Lobby set a dramatic tone for this most important moment.

#8. The George Washington Masonic Memorial

This national memorial offers a diverse range of rental spaces. It sits majestically atop the hill in Alexandria, VA, but people tend not to realize what the building is for. Once you find out you can tour the upper observation deck and look out over the city, you’ll fall in love with this venue.

#7. The Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

That’s right, the venue is at the top of an office building. But, trust us, it is an ideal setting for a wedding. Consistently praised as one of the best wedding venues and private event space, private dining at Charlie Palmer Steak will make your wedding an affair to remember. With breathtaking views of the city skyline and the fabulous staff, this is a dream indoor or outdoor wedding location.

#6. The Carnegie Institution for Science

Sure, a science building doesn’t exactly scream elegant wedding reception, but we did promise unique wedding venues. You will be blown away by the options here. Boasting romantic architecture and endless charm, the Carnegie Institution for Science is the perfect setting for a classic DC wedding or celebration. The Institution prides itself on providing tailored customer service with convenient access to hotels, restaurants, and the Nation’s greatest landmarks.

#5. Glen Echo Park’s Bumper Car Pavilion

This venue started out as one of Glen Echo Park’s main attractions and it’s now one of their most popular rental venues. With its old amusement park charm, enough space for 200 guests, and a dance floor, it might be the perfect location for a fun wedding. It’s relatively affordable and can be transformed into an elegant, whimsical space easily. The building exteriors, streetcar, and carousel make this a great option. Imagine the photo ops!

#4. The Clarendon Ballroom

Anything but your traditional ballroom setting, the Clarendon in Arlington’s hippest neighborhood offers an incredible wedding experience. This 1930’s Art Deco style Ballroom provides a classic setting for elegant receptions. Combined with the Front Lounge and nightclub (with stunning, 80-inch mahogany bar), the entire floor becomes a dramatic backdrop for your free-flowing event. The chef is fantastic, the staff is professional and attentive, and the acoustics are incredible for entertainment.

#3. The Patapsco Female Institute and Historic Park

Talk about unusual venues—this site used to be a girls’ school, but it’s actually the ruins of it! Greek revival architecture makes this bold 19th-century venue truly remarkable. The walls are (mostly) still there, but the roof is gone. This completely open-air venue is surrounded by gorgeous trees, has a huge marble staircase, and offers plenty of creative ways to set up your party.

Tip: As with all unique wedding venues, when you tour a potential outdoor site make sure to ask about available restroom facilities. Of course, Blue Ribbon is always happy to provide luxury bathroom trailers to meet your guests’ comfort needs and your refined expectations.

#2. The Mansion on O Street

This is one of our top choices because of the quirky options available. With themed rooms and 70 secret doors, we were hard-pressed to find other unique wedding venues that could measure up to this location. To go with their awe-inspiring and intimate atmosphere, the Mansion on O Street offers world-class cuisine and incredible service that is bound to create lasting memories for you and your guests.

#1. Blind Whino SW Arts Club

Last, but definitely not least, this funky and quirky church-turned-art-gallery is definitely one of the most unique wedding venues in the area if not in the country. Additionally, profits from any private events held at the arts center go to support the local arts community. How cool is that? Here’s a photo gallery from one couple’s wedding at Blind Whino.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venue Honorable Mention

There’s one other unique wedding venue we don’t want to forget to mention: campgrounds. While campgrounds aren’t free wedding venues, they do tend to be extremely affordable. In fact, we’re seeing such a trend toward outdoor weddings that involve camping that we’ll feature tips for pulling this one off in our next blog article. So, stay tuned! Our shower trailers are ideal for these offbeat events too.

Additional Resources

Want more great ideas for non-traditional wedding venues in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia? Check out these articles!

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Contact Us for Luxury Restroom & Shower Trailers

Whether you just got engaged or you’re finalizing your wedding plans for later in the year, Blue Ribbon Restrooms can help with one-of-a-kind, luxury bathroom facilities. A unique wedding deserves a top-notch restroom experience! We can make it happen.

Contact Blue Ribbon Restrooms for your custom quote today, or explore our restroom trailer options on our website.

May or June Wedding Trends You Can Actually Pull Off in 4-5 Months

If you are planning a May or June wedding, you are likely eyebrow-deep—though hopefully not literally—in cake tastings, arguments over the guest list, and auditioning hair and makeup artists. The last thing you want to think about is May or June wedding trends for 2018.

Let this blog post be your friendly reminder to take a deep breath and reconnect with what will absolutely make or break your special day. It’s time for your fiancé to let go of the idea of riding down the aisle on an elephant. Forget about DIY-ing that elaborate cake topper you saw on Pinterest. Now is the time to prioritize and consider where to put your energy.

Here’s a helpful wedding planning checklist. But please don’t use this list as an excuse to freak out! Even though we’re 4-5 months out from your big event, we promise, if you hurry, you can still rent our luxury bathroom trailers for your May or June outdoor wedding.

The point is take this wedding planning list and others like it with a grain of salt. Whether you’re way ahead of schedule or scrambling to get everything done (according to some arbitrary timeline created by a Martha Stewart wanna-be), the following list of May or June wedding trends is designed to help you zero-in on what’s most important.

May or June Wedding Trends You Can Actually Pull Off in 4-5 Months

When it comes to prioritizing for your big day, you’re likely going to have to let go of some May or June wedding trends. But 4 or 5 months is still plenty of time to pull off any of the trends below. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on trends that you can easily make happen in the time you still have.

1. Style Trend: New Age Bohemian

If you’re still considering decor, keep it simple, yet chic. Good news: one of this season’s hottest trends is New Age Bohemian. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. In fact, experts say Bohemian is the new rustic. Calling all free spirits!

Why we love this trend: the whole concept is laid back and relaxed. The only way you could miss the mark here is if you tried to force together ultra-formal elements with the easy-going, natural feel you’re creating. And if you’ve already planned that rustic chic wedding, the good news is that a few tweaks can easily put you back on trend (if being trendy matters to you).

How to:

  • Use floral accessories: Have your hairstylist create a loose, romantic style with lots of flowy curls and add some delicate floral accents. A crown of lilies or bright daisies with ribbon creates a laid-back, flowerchild look.
  • Geometric decor: Geometric decor and terrarium centerpieces can be paired with rustic elements and bohemian-inspired colors to create a relaxed, Southern Californian vibe.
  • Simple place settings and mismatched glassware: Create an eclectic aesthetic on your tables with stone, wood, and earthy pieces. They will blend nicely with greenery and potted succulents. For glassware, mix and match goblets, frosted glass, and gold-rimmed flutes.

2. Add Copper Accents

Along with the laid back feel of May or June wedding trends, minimalist designs are making their mark. This less-is-more approach is guiding everything from floral arrangements, to invitations, to venue choices. The minimalist feel is all about wide open, industrial-inspired venues and accents. Rose gold is out! Copper is in!

Why we love this trend: copper and other industrial accents are super cheap! They can be added to boost the profile of any other decor you’ve already chosen. Plus, the infusion of metallic accents look amazing with the right lighting.

How to:

  • Lanterns and tea lights: Did we mention lighting? These metallic elements can be hung or set on pedestals to create a romantic ambiance in almost any outdoor space.
  • Cutlery, cups, and candelabras: Add pops of copper in unexpected places. When planning your decor, don’t forget about these small details. Your caterer may offer different options without an additional charge. So make sure to ask.

3. Creative Dessert Twists

Finally, on that list of what really matters, don’t forget food. Your guests will thank you! While wedding cakes still rule the wedding dessert space, we are seeing more brides and grooms opting for other desserts to complement the cake. And, hey, delicious, decadent, non-cake desserts, never go out of style!

How to:

  • Drip cakes: This is a bit of a holdover from 2017, but drip cakes are still very popular. They also fit in well with the Boho theme, since they give off that relaxed, whimsical vibe.
  • Doughnuts: Kids and kids at heart all love doughnuts and with artisanal doughnut shops popping up all over the DC Metro area, we’re sure to see this wedding trend continue.
  • Dessert Bars: You may want to go “beyond the cake” and have your favorite baker make several different dessert finger-foods. Offer something seasonal, create a signature dessert cocktail, or go for the crowd-pleasing chocolate fondue fountain.

At Blue Ribbon Restrooms, we often have the privilege of working with and supporting brides as they plan for their wedding day. We understand how important it is for everything to go just right. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering award-winning service and going above and beyond for our customers.

As you put the finishing touches on your spring wedding plans have you considered what message the restroom facilities at your venue are sending? If that thought isn’t a pleasant one, contact us today for your free quote. Breathe easy with Blue Ribbon Restrooms on your wedding team!

Need Help Planning Your Big Event in 2018? It’s Not Too Early to Start Planning.

Even though 2018 is still young, it’s not too early to start planning your big event. What big life events do you have happening this year? Have you considered taking the party outdoors? Spring, summer, and autumn offer great opportunities to take advantage of delightful weather, longer days, and relaxing in the great outdoors. And who doesn’t love to breathe in a little fresh air?

Given all these benefits, why not consider taking those big events beyond the standard four walls? With just a little effort, planning your big event outdoors can be a fun way to get everyone together. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a baby shower, an anniversary party, a retirement party, or a graduation party, we’ve got some great tips to help you pull off an amazing outdoor event.

Planning Your Big Event Outdoors

One of the most difficult choices in the whole process can be finding the right site. Here’s a useful list of outdoor event venues in DC and here are some questions to ask before you narrow down your list and visit a few to find one that feels right:

  • What is your agenda for the event? Knowing what the day-of plan for your event looks like ahead of time will help you choose a venue that sets the right tone. For example, if you’re hoping to do a surprise party, does the venue offer an easy way to conceal decor and guests from the guest of honor?
  • What is your budget? It’s helpful to have a realistic budget in mind before you start planning your big event and looking at potential venues. There are obviously many cost-efficient outdoor spaces that you could use including, public parks, pavilions, gazebos, patios, picnic areas, and rooftop terraces. Some venues can package support services together with your space reservation for one package rate. Explore your options here.
  • Are restrooms, parking, guest accommodations, and other amenities located within a reasonable distance? Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to planning your big event outdoors or anywhere else is whether your guests are enjoying themselves. And comfortable guests are more likely to enjoy themselves. So make sure you have taken your guests’ needs into consideration. If restroom facilities are scarce, consider renting a luxury restroom trailer to make your guests feel like VIPs. Blue Ribbon Restrooms can help!
  • What can you expect from Mother Nature? Are you working with a pavilion, gazebo, or place where your guests can seek shelter if Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade…err event? If your site is open air, consider renting tents or reserving another backup space in case of bad weather.
  • What is your plan for food? If you’d like your guests to mingle freely, hors d’oeuvres and finger foods may be best. For a more formal vibe, you can have a sit-down, catered dinner under a covered or semi-covered area. Either way, consider whether you or your caterer will need electricity to pull off your incredible spread. Make sure your food choices match your chosen theme and atmosphere.

Case Study: Earth Day Themed Corporate Event

In the spring of 2017, a great corporate client of Blue Ribbon Restrooms hosted an Earth Day themed corporate event in its outdoor pavilion for about 450 guests. It was a chance to shake off the winter blues and enjoy a beautiful spring evening.

The tables were dressed in bright spring colors—pinks, blues, greens, and yellows. There were spring floral bouquets placed in the center of each table too.

They draped daisies from the ceiling of the pavilion and used some accent lighting to set the mood for a light and fun time. The buffets were dressed with sod with the chafing dishes placed on top and there were troughs full of ice and cold drinks. The whole event took on the look and feel of an outdoor picnic.

No party is complete without delicious beverages. The bar served fresh lemonade and mint juleps. The paths leading guests back to their cars at the end of the evening were lined with elegant candlelit luminaries. And of course, they called on us to deliver a Majestic Restroom trailer from our Top Line Series.

The event went off flawlessly thanks to the planning of some amazing employees, who really thought of every last detail. The guests had a magical time from the moment they arrived until the moment they left. A memorable night was had by all!

The Moral of the Story…

You can throw an amazing outdoor event too. One of the biggest benefits to hosting an outdoor event is the energy and freshness it adds to your event. Whatever the event, taking things outdoors is a great way to keep everyone socializing and talking long after the whole thing is over.

Our friendly staff at Blue Ribbon Restrooms loves to make our customers look good. When it’s time for planning your big event, we are here to take care of one big detail. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one fewer item on your to-do list in 2018? Contact us today for your custom quote.

Quick. Convenient. And Worry-Free. Restroom Trailers to the Rescue This Winter.

No one enjoys being forced by bad weather or other winter hazards to “live off the grid.” And for businesses, losing electricity, water, or sewer can be a real threat to productivity. It’s bad enough when this happens in the summer, but this time of year, winter hazards can quickly turn into full-blown winter emergencies.

winter hazards

Let’s talk about what businesses can do to prevent some of the most common workplace winter hazards and options for dealing with some worst case scenarios.

1. Building Awareness

One of the most important preventative measures businesses can take is to remind all workers to be aware of their surroundings. It’s always smart to do a routine winter assessment of your facilities and draw attention to areas that are susceptible to winter hazards. Look for any sign of leaks and flooding and report it right away.

Additionally, during cold winter months, employees should be extra careful about closing doors and windows. Beyond concerns about heating costs and staff comfort levels, one major concern with leaving doors and windows open is the possibility of pipes, such as those in the building sprinkler system, freezing and breaking. This is an extremely disruptive and costly event, even in the best of cases.

What to do if a flood occurs:

If a flood occurs, take immediate action. Having a plan in place and making sure that all employees know what to do in the event of a water emergency is key. At a minimum, your flood hazard plan should include the following steps:

  • Get all employees out of the immediate area, so they are not injured by electrical or other hazards.
  • Shut off the water. Make sure that key personnel have access to and can identify the main water shut-off valve(s) for the building before an emergency happens.
  • Mitigate the damage. Move damaged equipment and other objects to dry areas and do what you can to save any property. Before testing electrical equipment that has been exposed to water, consult with IT or facilities professionals. Keep in mind that just because a piece of equipment got wet doesn’t mean it won’t work again.

If there is a serious water loss event, such as a water main break, it’s possible that the building’s water source will need to be shut down for days or even weeks. For business owners, this sounds like a complete nightmare, but you have options besides sending everyone home. Blue Ribbon Restrooms has gotten clients out of this exact jam many times before by placing premium restroom trailers and shower trailers onsite. Your employees will be back to work in no time without sacrificing the comforts normally available to them.

2. Using Power Equipment like Snowblowers and Space Heaters

To protect workers from electric shock, make sure all power equipment, such as snow blowers and space heaters are properly grounded. When performing maintenance on this equipment, make sure it’s disconnected from power sources.

Snow blowers can cause lacerations or amputations if workers attempt to clear jams without first turning off and disconnecting from power. Never attempt to clear a jam by hand. First, turn off the machine and wait for all moving parts to stop. Then use a stick to clear away any wet snow and debris keeping hands and feet away. If you need to refuel a snow blower, make sure the machine is not running and the engine has cooled down completely.

Everyone knows how dangerous portable space heaters can be, if not used properly. Still, space heaters can do wonders for areas of buildings that are especially difficult to heat. If an area cannot be adequately heated using the building’s heating system and a space heater must be used, make sure to follow the safety tips below:

  • Only use heaters that are Underwriters Listed (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM) certified for their intended use.
  • Only use units with a thermostat so they automatically shut off when the room reaches the desired temperature.
  • Only use heaters with a tip over automatic shutdown feature.
  • Keep all heaters at least 3 feet away from combustible materials, e.g., curtains, file cabinets, desks, trash cans, paper boxes, etc.
  • Do not place heaters under desks or in other enclosed areas.
  • Never plug heaters into extension cords. Use wall outlets only.
  • Keep space heaters away from exits, walkways, aisles, and other high traffic areas.
  • Do not use space heaters in wet areas like kitchens and restrooms.

3. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Finally, during the winter months, slips, trips, and falls can occur both inside and outside of buildings. Taking the proper safety precautions can help everyone avoid injuries and illnesses associated with winter hazards.

Inside, wet or snowy conditions can create slick floors too. Slips and falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries, so it’s important to take precautions to keep everyone safe.

  • Place signs promptly.
  • Clean up any wet areas.
  • Encourage employees to wear proper footwear (rubber soles are best).
  • Keep floors as clean and dry as possible and pay attention as you walk.
  • Remove any obstructions (e.g., umbrellas, boots, bags, etc.) from the floor.

Obviously, there are some outside areas that will be unavoidably hazardous as the weather turns colder. Snow and ice will build on roads, sidewalks, and in parking lots. While you should certainly have staff shovel walkways and put down ice melt pellets in slick or hazardous areas, depending on the conditions, these areas will remain dangerous. “Black ice” can be especially dangerous because it is not easily visible.

So, it’s important to always remind both workers and visitors to use care when walking and driving anywhere on the property. Remind employees to leave earlier than usual whether heading from home to work, work to home, or between job sites to allow extra time to arrive safely at their destinations.

Make sure your whole team knows who to contact if they observe a trouble spot anywhere on the property. A little forethought and effort will make sure those winter hazards don’t wreak havoc in your office.

Do you have a special event coming up? Blue Ribbon Restrooms is ready to make your guests feel like VIPs. Our luxury restroom trailers are climate controlled and offer all the comfort of indoor facilities without the hassle. It’s quick, convenient, and worry-free. Call us today at 888-498-6982 to talk about your needs.

Make Your Office Holiday Party Unforgettable With These 5 Tips

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to planning your office holiday party?  If you always choose the same restaurant, banquet hall, or ballroom at the same ritzy hotel downtown, it may be time for a change. Yes, it’s possible to ditch the stale sugar cookies and lame DJ without adding to your stress. Don’t worry, Blue Ribbon has you covered!

office holiday party


Here are our top 5 tips for helping you plan an unforgettable office holiday party without all the muss and fuss:

1. Choose a Unique Venue

There’s nothing like a change in scenery to bring a party to life. So forget about the usual choices, get creative, and think about non-traditional venues that will really WOW your guests. Museums, art galleries, and outdoor locations supply their own character, ambiance, and eliminate the need for a lot of expensive decor.

Outdoors? But “baby, it’s cold outside!” Maybe, but consider the possibilities. You could rent some outdoor heaters or choose a venue with fire pits and set up a s’more roast. With plenty of hot drinks and places for guests to warm their hands, everyone will have an unforgettable experience. And we’ll be happy to rent you enough premium restroom trailers, complete with heat and hot water, to accommodate your guests.

Of course, the best venues book up early, especially in Washington DC, so make sure to plan ahead. If you have your heart set on a particular venue and they’re booked through Christmas, fear not! You could do a post-holiday brunch the day after everyone gets back to the office. It will be easier to book a fabulous venue after the 25th and who doesn’t love omelettes and mimosas?

2. Choose an Unusual Theme

A theme can be fun if enough of your colleagues are into theme parties. Pulling off a truly unforgettable office holiday theme party requires buy in, so do what you can to increase buzz around the office. The best part of choosing a theme is that you can use it to inspire marketing ideas during the last month of 2017.

Hosting an ugly sweater party or elegant white Christmas party? Get a group photo and create a fun social media campaign. This has the double effect of creating great visuals for your clients to share with their network and giving your company a chance to show off your light-hearted side.

Another fun and festive holiday theme is doing a white elephant gift exchange. Invite everyone to bring a wrapped gift with a $25 minimum. Then sit back with your eggnog and watch everyone fight over the Awkward Family Photo 2018 Calendar. Hilarity will ensue, guaranteed.

3. Find an Event Coordinator

Okay, now for the really low stress advice. Many professional venues have event coordinators, so be sure to ask about this when booking your venue. If this is not an option, it could be well worth the investment to hire an actual event coordinator or to delegate this task to someone in the office.

Remember that this is your party too. You don’t want to be rushing around dealing with last-minute details the day of the party or triaging the usual challenges that arise like the employee who took the open bar concept a little too literally. Don’t add party coordinating to your plate. You want to reserve plenty of room for dessert.

4. Leave the Food to the Caterers

Your office holiday party should be about celebrating hard work, so make it all about your employees and colleagues. Potlucks can be fun, but they can also be stressful both for planners and guests. Rather than expecting Irma in accounting to bring her standard batch of peanut butter and chocolate fudge, think about how nice it would be to enjoy food no one felt obligated to prepare.

Get a catering company or local restaurant to handle the food and drink. Catering is easy and with a wide range of pricing available, catered food can fit within almost any office holiday party budget. Offer a lunch buffet from one of the “healthier” fast food chains, such as Panera, Founding Farmers DC, or the Protein Bar. Or if you want to do something more elegant for less money, order an assortment of fancy desserts or hors d’oeuvres with a limited number of cocktails.

5. Give Back

An office holiday party is the perfect opportunity to spread some cheer even as you celebrate with your colleagues. You could throw a toy drive for a local charity or set up a giving tree with gift tag wishlists for families in need. For a larger charitable giving campaign, ask for donations from local businesses and have a silent auction where all the funds are donated to a local charity. This is a great way to get the whole community involved too.

What are your office holiday party plans this year? We’d love to hear about all of your quirky ideas!

At Blue Ribbon Restrooms, we love the holidays and we love to make our clients holiday parties extra special. If you have a big event coming up, request your custom quote today. Let us show you how we can help you beat the stress this busy holiday season.

Awesome Do’s and Don’t’s to Make Your Outdoor Fall Wedding As Beautiful as the Season

Fall is a beautiful time to have an outdoor wedding in the DC area. The temperatures are in that sweet spot between the stifling heat of summer and the frosty cold of winter. The earthy fall colors provide the perfect backdrop for pictures too. So, if you’re considering an outdoor fall wedding, you have some great options.

Of course, as with any season, an outdoor fall wedding presents challenges that savvy brides and wedding planners should be ready to address. Whether you just got engaged and are planning to tie the knot in about a year or your big day is right around the corner, let’s discuss some of the “do’s and don’t’s” to make sure your guests fall in love with your outdoor fall wedding.

Do Take Advantage of Nature’s Backdrop

When planning a fall wedding, be sure to also plan to take plenty of outdoor shots. You and your guests will love them! The reds, golds, oranges, and browns create the most amazing natural background. One idea for a really fun shot is to have your guests toss handfuls of colorful leaves up into the air behind you and your groom. Here are some other great examples to give you some ideas.

Also, be sure to incorporate seasonal decor for a rustic, but chic look. Use gourds, pumpkins, apples, and big, bright sunflowers in centerpieces or to decorate the ceremony site. You could also take advantage of being outside by seating guests on hay bales (covered in blankets). And sprinkling colorful leaves down the aisle instead of rose petals. These ideas will not only drive home the fall theme, but add tons of color and texture for little or no extra cost!

Don’t Spare the Lighting

One challenge to keep in mind is that with the end of Daylight Savings Time, it will be getting darker sooner. If you are planning an afternoon wedding, it may well be getting dark before your guests are ready to head home. Make sure you are prepared to light their way. It is a good idea to walk the site with your wedding planner during key times to get a sense for what guests will experience.

In addition, if your venue has limited restroom facilities, it makes sense to provide luxury restroom trailers to accommodate your guests. Don’t forget to make sure the paths between these trailers and your reception site are well lit and suitable for walking, no matter the weather.

Do Stick to Fall Colors

With the spectacular color show going on outside, it makes sense to choose wedding colors that fit the fall theme. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be all about burgundy, maize, and orange. Complementary colors create stunning looks too. If you’re more of a neutral bride, choose blush, gold, or champagne. For the bolder bride, choose shades of cranberry, deep green, and dusty lavender. Add pops of color among the earth tones wherever you can.

Don’t Let Less Than Perfect Weather Ruin Your Day

When deciding on hair and makeup, remember that while autumn in DC is full of picture perfect days, rain and wind are also possible. For hair that will hold up the longest in inclement weather, choose an up-do or a braid. When it comes to makeup, it might be wise to choose something less dramatic, so that you or your makeup artist can easily touch up your face between photos if the weather is less than ideal.

Do Keep Your Guests Warm

If you expect your guests to party until the sun goes down, be prepared to keep them warm when they’re not out on the dance floor. Warm and seasonal cocktails are a great option (who doesn’t love a hot toddie, right?). And set up a fully stocked coffee or tea bar for guests to enjoy with their cake.

Additionally, you’ll want to provide warming areas where guests will be congregating and sitting. Our luxury restroom trailers offer climate control, so your guests will be nice and comfortable when they use the facilities. But you probably don’t want guests congregating in the restrooms.  Instead, you can rent portable gas patio heaters to set up under your tent or in the barn.

In a pinch, you could also offer guests inexpensive pashminas in your wedding colors or monographed blankets as a wedding favor. As long as you plan a fun event, a little chill in the air won’t bother most people. So don’t sweat the season!

There are lots of fun options to make your outdoor fall wedding a crimson, golden, orange, and toasty brown delight. But no matter what season you choose for your wedding day, let Blue Ribbon Restrooms make your guests feel like VIPs. Call us today to request your custom quote!