Maryland Outdoor Wedding Venues

A wedding can be one of the most exciting events in our lives. For many, the experience is transformative, the marking point for where your family really begins. However, the event demands a convergence of many factors in order to be stress-free and successful—one of the largest of these being picking the right venue.

Looking for the perfect outdoor venue to plan out the big day? Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers has been a part of many weddings in Maryland, and we have a list that can help you get started.

Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion—Chevy Chase, MD

If you’re dreaming of a traditional outdoor wedding, Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion is your prime pick. Choose to place the main event in the Great Hall, featuring gorgeous Georgian architecture, or plan for your wedding to take place in the surrounding groves of trees for a genuine and romantic wedding experience. Accommodations are sized for the more exclusive sorts of events, capping at 90.

Evergreen Museum and Library—Baltimore, MD

The symmetrically styled Italian gardens of Evergreen Museum and Library offer an elegant but natural outdoor venue that surrounds a stunning Gilded Age mansion. Outdoor events at Evergreen offer two excellent outdoor spaces—the Upper Garden or Meadow—or the event can be planned to incorporate both for an excellent level of customization among the fantastic grounds. Evergreen is your pick if you’re looking for a gorgeous and charming backdrop for your outdoor wedding.

Foxfire—Monkton, Maryland

Paddocks and pastures lead the way to one of the more luxurious farmhouse settings a wedding planner could ever dream of. Foxfire offers the very finest horse country has to offer, creating a wedding locale that brims with comfort but is wrapped in as much luxury and exclusive accommodations one could ever ask for.

Events can be planned for wedding rosters as small as 50 or as large as 400, according to your needs. Be warned, however, that Foxfire is very exclusive, featuring only a small handful of events a year. It’s a special place and one you will need to plan far ahead for!

Make Wedding Logistics Easier with Blue Ribbon in Maryland

Planning and logistics for a wedding can be one of the most important aspects of the event, often making or breaking overall success. If you’re looking for a comfortable, luxurious means of providing restrooms for your outdoor wedding venue in Maryland, then Blue Ribbon Restroom Trailers is glad to accommodate.

Our luxury restroom trailers are equipped with running water, interior and exterior lighting, marble sinks, a lighted mirror, and complete temperature control systems in order to provide an ideal means of handling the sanitation needs of your guests.

To find out more, feel free to connect with us online, or call ​888-498-6982 to reserve your restroom trailer rental now!

Venue Spotlight – Weddings at Magnolia


Weddings at Magnolia may be one of the best kept secrets for your Annapolis wedding venue. Touted as “Your Affordable Annapolis Wedding Venue” on their website, you may think you won’t get the service or ambiance you are looking for but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Just reading through the reviews found online you will find many extremely happy newlyweds revealing how wonderful their experiences have been at Magnolia. Blue Ribbon has provided luxury restroom trailers for clients having their wedding at Magnolia’s. We too have found the service and attention to detail provided by the staff at Magnolia’s boundless.

From personable staff willing to go above and beyond, to the in-house officiants, to the bridal gift shop; you will be more than impressed with the comprehensive services provided at Magnolia. If you are shopping for an inclusive wedding venue with professional staff at a great value, we recommend visiting Wedding’s at Magnolia at 600 Broadneck Rd., Annapolis, MD.