Children at Weddings — How To Make Your Wedding Fun for All Ages!

One of the quickest ways to start an argument amongst your girlfriends is to bring up the subject of whether kids belong at weddings. On one side are those (often parents themselves) who believe kids add magic to weddings–think of all the Hallmark-worthy moments you’ll miss out on if you exclude kids! On the other side are those who see voodoo more than magic when they think of children at weddings.

children at weddings

The most important thing to remember is whether you invite kids to your wedding is entirely up to you. But one thing that everyone seems to agree about 

when it comes to children at weddings is that you need to let guests know early (i.e., when you send out Save-the-Dates) who is invited.

If you do choose to invite kids, you can avoid any scenes fit for reality TV by taking the time to consider how to help the children in your life have a great time. Follow these guidelines to make sure your wedding really is fun for all ages.

1. Seating for kids

If possible, seat parents and kids together at one table or nearby tables during the reception. While it’s okay to have a kids’ table, keep in mind that many parents like to be near their kids to help them eat, especially if you invite anyone with younger children. Also, an unsupervised table of kids is a really good way to make your wedding reception feel like a preschool.

One great option, if you want parents to be able to totally relax and enjoy the party is to hire a chaperone for the kids’ table. Teenagers or other young adults are often available for a reasonable price for these kinds of gigs. Think of them as less like babysitters and more like camp counselors–someone to keep an eye out for bumps and bruises, while giving the kids (and parents) a little freedom to enjoy themselves. But please, for the love of all that is good and decent, do not stick your single friends at the kids’ table!

2. Offer a kids’ menu

In case you’re wondering, kids don’t like lobster, at least as a general rule. But they love mac & cheese, pizza, chicken nuggets, and applesauce. So be mindful of your menu. Most caterers offer children’s options for a reduced price. So skip the foie gras for the little ones and save yourself some money too. Additionally, if possible, make sure the kids get served early or offer finger foods like fruit, cheese, and crackers during the cocktail hour. Hungry kids get restless fast!

A candy table is always a big hit with children at weddings. But unless you want parents spending the rest of the reception chasing their kids away from the candy, you might not want it to be the first table guests see when they walk into the reception site. Instead, bring out the candy with the cake and other desserts. Remember: hell hath no fury like a hungry kid denied readily available candy!

3. Keep the kids entertained

Besides making sure that the kids are fed in a timely manner, making sure they don’t get bored is also important for maintaining peace. Children have short attention spans. Children at weddings and other mostly adult functions have miniscule attention spans. So, keep the kids entertained during any lull in the action by setting up an activity table full of art supplies, board games, and a special goodie bag with the same fun gift for each one.

4. Make sure everyone is comfortable

If you are having an outdoor wedding, it’s extra important to consider your guests’ comfort and if your guest list includes kids, it’s extra, extra important. Just like hunger and boredom, discomfort can cause all kinds of nightmare scenarios with children at weddings. Believe it or not, one important comfort factor that often gets overlooked is the restroom facilities.

No one likes the idea of having to hike up or down their fancy wedding frocks in a smelly port-o-potty. But kids, especially those who have recently given up wearing diapers can become downright catatonic over the idea. With our rentable high-end, luxury restrooms you can ensure that all your guests feel right at home. Plus, with our VIP package, you can really show parents you care by adding kid-friendly amenities like wet-wipes, diapers, and superhero bandaids.

5. Don’t expect kids to behave like adults

Above all, it’s important to have a healthy attitude about children at weddings if you’re going to invite the little ones. So, don’t freak out! Try to have a sense of humor–good advice for all other aspects of wedding planning too. If you expect kids to act like cute little wedding cake toppers the entire time, you’re going to be disappointed.

When all eyes are on Sophie as she walks down the aisle dropping petals and she starts crying for her mom, laugh it off. And when Max runs over and sticks his little fingers in the cake, ask the photographer to capture the moment.

Kids can really add to the fond memories, as long as you keep things in perspective. Chances are that you and your guests are less likely to remember the not-so-cute moments, like the ring bearer picking his nose during the ceremony, than the cute moments, like the ring bearer doing the Electric Slide with your grandma. So let everyone be themselves and enjoy your role in bringing everyone together for an epic dance party!

At Blue Ribbon Restrooms, we won’t help you decide whether to invite kids to your wedding, but we can help to make your big day go like clockwork. We have luxury restroom trailers of different types and our facilities can accommodate weddings of any size. Contact us today for your custom quote.