May or June Wedding Trends You Can Actually Pull Off in 4-5 Months

If you are planning a May or June wedding, you are likely eyebrow-deep—though hopefully not literally—in cake tastings, arguments over the guest list, and auditioning hair and makeup artists. The last thing you want to think about is May or June wedding trends for 2018.

Let this blog post be your friendly reminder to take a deep breath and reconnect with what will absolutely make or break your special day. It’s time for your fiancé to let go of the idea of riding down the aisle on an elephant. Forget about DIY-ing that elaborate cake topper you saw on Pinterest. Now is the time to prioritize and consider where to put your energy.

Here’s a helpful wedding planning checklist. But please don’t use this list as an excuse to freak out! Even though we’re 4-5 months out from your big event, we promise, if you hurry, you can still rent our luxury bathroom trailers for your May or June outdoor wedding.

The point is take this wedding planning list and others like it with a grain of salt. Whether you’re way ahead of schedule or scrambling to get everything done (according to some arbitrary timeline created by a Martha Stewart wanna-be), the following list of May or June wedding trends is designed to help you zero-in on what’s most important.

May or June Wedding Trends You Can Actually Pull Off in 4-5 Months

When it comes to prioritizing for your big day, you’re likely going to have to let go of some May or June wedding trends. But 4 or 5 months is still plenty of time to pull off any of the trends below. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on trends that you can easily make happen in the time you still have.

1. Style Trend: New Age Bohemian

If you’re still considering decor, keep it simple, yet chic. Good news: one of this season’s hottest trends is New Age Bohemian. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. In fact, experts say Bohemian is the new rustic. Calling all free spirits!

Why we love this trend: the whole concept is laid back and relaxed. The only way you could miss the mark here is if you tried to force together ultra-formal elements with the easy-going, natural feel you’re creating. And if you’ve already planned that rustic chic wedding, the good news is that a few tweaks can easily put you back on trend (if being trendy matters to you).

How to:

  • Use floral accessories: Have your hairstylist create a loose, romantic style with lots of flowy curls and add some delicate floral accents. A crown of lilies or bright daisies with ribbon creates a laid-back, flowerchild look.
  • Geometric decor: Geometric decor and terrarium centerpieces can be paired with rustic elements and bohemian-inspired colors to create a relaxed, Southern Californian vibe.
  • Simple place settings and mismatched glassware: Create an eclectic aesthetic on your tables with stone, wood, and earthy pieces. They will blend nicely with greenery and potted succulents. For glassware, mix and match goblets, frosted glass, and gold-rimmed flutes.

2. Add Copper Accents

Along with the laid back feel of May or June wedding trends, minimalist designs are making their mark. This less-is-more approach is guiding everything from floral arrangements, to invitations, to venue choices. The minimalist feel is all about wide open, industrial-inspired venues and accents. Rose gold is out! Copper is in!

Why we love this trend: copper and other industrial accents are super cheap! They can be added to boost the profile of any other decor you’ve already chosen. Plus, the infusion of metallic accents look amazing with the right lighting.

How to:

  • Lanterns and tea lights: Did we mention lighting? These metallic elements can be hung or set on pedestals to create a romantic ambiance in almost any outdoor space.
  • Cutlery, cups, and candelabras: Add pops of copper in unexpected places. When planning your decor, don’t forget about these small details. Your caterer may offer different options without an additional charge. So make sure to ask.

3. Creative Dessert Twists

Finally, on that list of what really matters, don’t forget food. Your guests will thank you! While wedding cakes still rule the wedding dessert space, we are seeing more brides and grooms opting for other desserts to complement the cake. And, hey, delicious, decadent, non-cake desserts, never go out of style!

How to:

  • Drip cakes: This is a bit of a holdover from 2017, but drip cakes are still very popular. They also fit in well with the Boho theme, since they give off that relaxed, whimsical vibe.
  • Doughnuts: Kids and kids at heart all love doughnuts and with artisanal doughnut shops popping up all over the DC Metro area, we’re sure to see this wedding trend continue.
  • Dessert Bars: You may want to go “beyond the cake” and have your favorite baker make several different dessert finger-foods. Offer something seasonal, create a signature dessert cocktail, or go for the crowd-pleasing chocolate fondue fountain.

At Blue Ribbon Restrooms, we often have the privilege of working with and supporting brides as they plan for their wedding day. We understand how important it is for everything to go just right. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering award-winning service and going above and beyond for our customers.

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