When Nature Calls—Planning a Camping Wedding That’s a Wild Success

One of the biggest perks that comes with being part of our clients’ wedding festivities is seeing the creative ways couples bend the traditional wedding rules. Did you catch our recent top 10 list of unexpected wedding venues? We’re continuing this theme here with tips for planning a camping wedding.

Why have a traditional wedding ceremony and reception when you can turn your entire wedding weekend into an epic celebration? Many couples who love to throw a great party find that planning a camping wedding is a reason ably affordable option for their guests, while also being relatively easy on their own bank accounts.

But if you’re tempted to jump on this trend, be warned: you’ve got some serious planning to do to make it truly unforgettable. So, before you spear those marshmallows, let’s discuss how to pull off a fabulous camping wedding.

1. Choose a long holiday weekend.

Among the things that could spell disaster for your epic weekend-long party is planning a camping wedding for a weekend when most of your guests can’t make it. Naturally choosing a long holiday weekend, along with giving your family and friends plenty of notice increases the odds of most guests showing up. Get those save the date cards out early!

Scheduling your wedding for a long holiday weekend also provides an excellent opportunity for getting the gang together again for years to come. Talk about creating your own wedding tradition!

Do keep in mind, though, a weekend is a big commitment and you will probably also have some on your guest list who aren’t too keen on camping out. So make accommodations for those who want to drive in just for the ceremony and afterparty.

2. Savor the little moments.

After you’ve planned your big event, don’t forget to savor the little moments. You want this event to be unforgettable for your guests, but you also want it to be memorable for you. If you steal quiet moments to just be present, you’re more likely to remember the sights, sounds, smells, and little moments, like the first time you lock eyes with your husband-to-be during the ceremony. Otherwise, the day and weekend will get away from you.

Being out in nature definitely heightens the senses. So take it all in and you’ll have vivid mental details for years to come. Priceless! Here’s a fun suggestion: tie a string around your finger, so whenever you look down, you’re reminded to take a breath and be present in the moment.

3. Make memories with food.

When planning a camping wedding, instead of a traditional wedding reception, you have the opportunity to use food to make memories. In addition to whatever you’re planning for the day of the ceremony, you will potentially have another day or two of creative menu options. This doesn’t mean your guests will expect you to provide food for everyone for the entire weekend, but it’s a good reminder to make your intentions around meals known.

One way to involve your guests in a special way is to ask them to contribute family recipes. You could do a dessert table, for example, with a collection of desserts that played an important role in each of your childhoods. Don’t forget the s’mores!

4. Don’t try to upstage nature.

One huge perk of having your wedding outdoors at a campground, state park, or even in a large backyard is that nature provides an epic backdrop that’s tough to beat. Go ahead and plan that sunset ceremony with mountains in the background overlooking a breathtaking valley, then dance the night away to the beat of crickets, surrounded by fireflies, under a canopy of stars.

Rather than carting in a ton of decorations, incorporate natural elements wherever you can. Some lanterns, twinkle lights, and simple rustic components to complement what is already available will go a long way. Remember: less is more.

Of course, there’s one area where upstaging nature is an absolute requirement and that’s when it comes to showering regularly. No matter how much your guests are into communing with nature, they’ll probably be happier to attend your camping wedding knowing they’ll be able to take a hot shower after they dance the night away under the stars. Blue Ribbon Restroom has you covered with our shower trailer rentals.

5. Embrace the inevitable hiccups.

Finally, when you’re planning a camping wedding and on your wedding day, make sure you know how to roll with the punches. It helps to anticipate and accept that there are variables that will be out of your control. Trust that your epic wedding experience will not be ruined by the inevitable hiccup.

Yes, the weekend could be a total washout. Yes, there could be a fire ban in the campground because of an unprecedented drought—so much for your s’more roasting dreams. Rather than setting your sights on perfection, focus on the love that surrounds you. If you are determined to make your wedding a smashing success despite any potential mishaps, it will be!

There’s just something about the fresh outdoors, a relaxed, family vibe, and extending the biggest day of your life to a long weekend that makes for an epic wedding experience. If you are up for the challenge, planning a camping wedding could be the perfect way to start your married lives together.

When nature calls, Blue Ribbon Restrooms is ready. We are honored to help our clients pull off unforgettable outdoor weddings and events. Is nature calling you? Contact us today for a free quote on luxury restroom trailer or shower trailer rentals.