Are Restroom & Shower Trailers Part of Your Emergency Management Plan?

emergency managementAn emergency management plan should be developed to mitigate the damage of potential events that compromise the functionality of society. Such a plan should include measures that provide for the safety of the public and first responders and when possible, property and facilities.

From Hurricanes to riots, and numerous natural and man-made disasters in between, Blue Ribbon Restrooms have witnessed first-hand the benefits of portable restroom trailers and shower trailers at disaster sites. Proper planning for emergency management and first responders will make a drastic difference in the effectiveness of any disaster relief situation. Whether you are with a government agency, relief organization or a private company, we are ready to help you include restroom trailers in your emergency plan. Restroom trailers and shower trailers are an important part of relief efforts, here are just a few of the benefits they provide:

• Deliver a sanitary solution when water and sewer infrastructures are unavailable.
• Contribute positively to the health and well-being of disaster victims and relief crews.
• Help to provide critical care under hazardous conditions.
• With an ADA restroom trailer you can accommodate individuals with disabilities and special needs so no one is excluded from basic care.
• Offer shower facilities for those in need.

A well prepared emergency management plan will give peace of mind to the first responders so they may focus at the task at hand when disaster strikes. For more information on developing an emergency management plan or updating your existing one visit